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09/14/2007   Coast Adds More Equipment
Coast Electronic Mfg. has added a Universal 6241B VCD/SEQ 60 station axial lead parts inserter, a Universal 6796A Uni-Mod 72 magazine IC dip lead inserter, and a Universal 6894A Digital Program Generator to it's production line. Having these machines, along with the Universal 6360D Rad 5 40 station radial parts inserter already in service here, now gives Coast Mfg. total automatic high volume through-hole parts insertion.
07/02/2007Coast Preparing for ISO 9001:2000
Coast Electronic Mfg. continues preparing for ISO 9001:2000 certification. This process should be completed by mid October, 2007. Once registered, Coast Mfg. will have even greater business opportunities.
06/12/2007Coast Expansion Complete
Coast Electronic Mfg. has completed setting up it's new facilities, including a new Sullivan turbine air compressor. And this move was accomplished without missing a single customer product delivery date! Our facility area is now three times that of our former locaction, which enables us to enjoy more work room, a much larger parts storage area, more production space for our equipment and employees, a beautiful "break/lunch room", and additional office space. Bring on the tours and site surveys!
06/01/2007Coast Moves to Larger Facilities
We're doing something right! After only 5 months at our old location in Suite N, Coast Electronic Mfg. has moved into Suite G and double size Suite H, giving us three times the production area that we had formerly occupied. An ever increasing customer base, additional equipment, and more employees necessitated the move.
05/28/2007Coast Adds More Equipment
Coast Electronic Mfg. takes delivery of a second wave solder machine, which will be utilized exclusively for "lead free" applications. In addition, Coast now has a Universal radial parts placer, which will greatly speed up the production on several of our through-hole boards.
02/02/2007Coast Celebrates Grand Opening
Coast Electronic Manufacturing celebrates with a "Grand Opening", which was attended by our staff, our customer representatives, our equipment and material suppliers' representatives, and our city mayor.
01/10/2007Coast Accepting Work Orders
Coast Electronic Mfg. has completed production equipment installation and quality inspection areas, and is now accepting work orders from customers.
01/02/2007Coast Takes Occupancy
Coast Electronic Manufacturing moves into it's facility at 571 Haverty Ct. Suite N, and begins installing and setting up the production equipment.
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